Yrsa Reykjavik III Model
Yrsa Reykjavik III Model

Yrsa Reykjavik III Model

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Icelandic Watches - Type: Yrsa Reykjavik III
  • stainless steel case and back
  • Automatic & manual winding
  • leather strap in 22 mm width
  • Shock-absorber for balance staff
  • 21600 vibrations per hour
  • 21 jewels, accuracy -20 +40 seconds/day
  • 40 hours autonomy
Instructions for all YRSA automatic mechanical movement wrist watches.
Before wearing or after a period of inactivity it is important to wind the crown. This primes the mechanism so that with
normal wrist movement it is automatically kept in motion.
Wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise slowly and consistently a number of revolutions. Wind it this way until
you start to feel some increased resistance. Winding it in the morning means you will have consistent power
throughout the day and may also contribute to accurate timekeeping. Accuracy of the mechanical watch is different
from the daily rate of the quartz watch and the accuracy will change maximum of several ten seconds during
rewinding the spring, then the accuracy of the half winding condition will be different from that of full winding condition.
YRSA. This rare female name is mentioned in Snorri Sturluson Ynglinga saga, where Snorri describes Yrsa as
follows (Samuel Laing‘s translation): it was soon observed that she was intelligent spoke well. and in all respects was
well behaved. All people thought well of her. and particularly the king; and at last it came to this that the king
celebrated his wedding with her and Yrsa became queen of Sweden, and was considered an excellent woman.

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